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Josh Swaim

Josh Swaim is our Owner, featured Head Filmmaker, 

and Editor. Graduating from the country’s top film school, Full Sail University, he has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Josh has directed & filmed projects such as, The 400th Anniversary of America with President Bush, The Carolina Opry, The Alabama Theater, Food Network’s “Charlotte Shout”, and much more! He creates a very cinematic look in his films, and has an extremely creative eye. After traveling around the US for many years to work on projects, he decided to create Reel Weddings!  Josh takes pride in capturing the passion and emotions of “the big day”, all the special details, and creating a love story that generations to come can share! He values the opinions and wishes of the couple he is working with, allowing the cinematic experience to reflect their true love story!  


Kelly Dove

Kelly Dove is our Editor and Filmmaker. Kelly graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in Media Studies, concentrating on Film Production. Having worked on many projects, both scripted and documentary, she is able to view each wedding day as an opportunity to create a unique film for each couple  to remember their special day. She believes that giving an accurate representation of each couple's personality and dynamic is key in all wedding films. Even the smallest details can help accomplish this. It is her goal as a Reel Weddings videographer and editor to not only capture the events of each couple's big day, but to do so with a timeless cinematic look. It was this fusion of spur-of-the moment and planned filmmaking that first drew Kelly to wedding videography. However, she feels that the most rewarding experience is watching each project come together in editing and being able to tell each couple's beautiful story.


Tiffany Lang

Tiffany Lang is our Editor and Filmmaker. Tiffany graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor of the Fine Arts degree, concentrating in Photography. With her artistic background, she is able to create and portray each couple's special day in their own unique ways, capturing each and every beautiful moment. She believes that every moment, from start to finish, is important to capture correctly so that in the end, the couple's personalities shine through in their films. She has a passion for giving the couples a finished product that will let them remember each and every moment from their special day for the rest of their lives. Tiffany loves the feeling of watching a final project come together, as it shows all the emotions and wonderful moments that occur throughout each story.​


Taylor Rose

Taylor Rose is our Editor. Taylor graduated in 2018 with a B.A in Film Studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. While attending UNCW, he put his main focus on fine tuning his skills as an editor. Prior to attending UNCW he gained a passion for film editing while in high school. Taylor strives to make everyone feel like their wedding video is special. He even edited his own wedding video prior to joining Reel Weddings! In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Sabrina, dog hiking in the North Carolina mountains, & Geocaching.


Olivia Gilliam

Olivia is our Office Manager and Filmmaker. Olivia graduated from the university of North Carolina at Charlotte, with a degree in both English and Film Studies. Olivia has a passion for telling stories, both through her writing and through a camera. She has done personal and professional work creating a variety of film pieces from documentary, narrative, to capturing the magic of weddings. She believes that everything in a frame should play a part in telling the story, from the relationships between people to the finest details. She also has a passion for customer service, and creating a trusting and helpful relationship between the company and clients through superb communication. It is her goal at Reel Weddings to help create a film the couples will love for a lifetime, and offer a service for clients that goes above and beyond the standard. 


Wo Baza

Wo is our Filmmaker. Wo has over 6 years of experience filming various projects, from documentary to commercial work, in addition to weddings. He is particularly interested in the telling of love stories. He is a cinematographer with a drive for story-telling. He aims to best capture the magic of a wedding day with focus on high-quality, captivating visuals. Wo sets out to make every video better than the last. Weddings are very special to him because he values the personalized uniqueness of each couple's day. 


TeJ Petal

TeJ is our Filmmaker. Tej has been a cinematographer for nearly 10 years! He has experience creating work for weddings, production, & national conferences. Tej picked up the passion for filming when volunteering though numerous local events. He has a skill for capturing those small details in big moments when telling a story. It is his goal to provide something everlasting that the couple's will cherish for a lifetime. 


Monica Gale

Monica Gale is our Filmmaker. Monica graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Graphic Communications. She has worked as a lifestyle and event photographer as well as in broadcast media. She has 5 years of experience with filming weddings. Her experience as a photographer has helped her capture videos with a creative vibe.

Monica loves capturing subtle details that can sometimes go unnoticed. Her initial experience is in photography, but what drew her to film was the art of making still photos come to life. She enjoys capturing the subtleties of those priceless moments that make peoples' wedding days so special and tell beautiful, authentic stories.


Annie Berkes

Annie Berkes  is our Filmmaker. 


Charlie Eaton

Charlie Eaton is our Filmmaker and Editor. In addition to studying Finance and Supply Chain at the University of South Carolina, Charlie has years of experience in both photography and film production. Charlie Eaton is a storyteller. He believes that when applying attention to detail and a focus on what brings us all together, all stories can be told as they are experienced. Charlie also enjoys working on production sets, but admits, "There is something profoundly special about the opportunity to document the bond every couple brings." He loves bringing the details of the big day come to life, so that they can be enjoyed for decades to come. 


The Reel Weddings Team